Editorial Team

Our team, who has worked voluntarily for the most part since its inception, consists of engineers, social activists, journalists and scientists. Hence, we have the capacity to cover various news from politics, legal issues, caste-based and religious discrimination, gender rights, labour & farmer struggles, as well as health and medicine related misinformation.
To contribute to Kolkatahunt.Com, email at [email protected]
There’s a lot of misinformation about health and science in both mainstream media and on social media including WhatsApp. If you wish to contribute fact-checks in form of stories in the Medicine and Science department, email [email protected]


  • Tanmay Giri: Tanmay Giri is the founder and Chief editor of KolkataHunt.Com
  • Tapabrata Pal: Tapabrata Pal is the Seniour Sub editor of KolkataHunt.Com

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